CIX100 is a cryptocurrency index of the 100 best performing currencies

Diversify crypto assets with AI-powered neural network algorithm

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22 974 219
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264 723 076
Market Trades analyzed
30 587.8 Gb
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05-11 Feb
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Cryptoindex 100 is a digital expression of the top 100 coins, that rebalances itself continuously as the cryptocurrency market ebbs and flows.
Full description
Cryptoindex 100 is live since 0:00 UTC, May 1, 2017
Cryptoindex 100 is a digital expression of the 100 best-performing coins, that recalculates itself continuously
The amount of coins in the index is equal to 100 at all times
The index started on May 1, 2017 with the initial portfolio with value of 1
The index is calculated every second in real time, with a lag equal to one second
The index functions according to the proprietary AI-based algorithm, ‘Zorax’
Rebalancing of the Cryptoindex 100 happens monthly
The data is streamed from the exchange APIs taking all trades for each particular coin
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Cryptoindex is currently integrated with the following exchanges via API
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